Toxic Minds

Alexa Sommer wanted it all - stellar career, beautiful home, successful children, and a devoted husband. And for a time, she had everything. Then came meltdown, and divorce. Her children's love turned to hate, and she lost the job she loved.

While trying to reach out to her children. She tries to rebuild her life around a new job, but her work is controversial. A group of aggressive placard-waving protestors want her work stopped. Alexa ignores them, and a few activists prepare to take their protest to the ultimate level.

A handful of Alexa's colleagues have a compelling reason to want her career ended. Only one colleague will help her. Gavin Shawlens has nothing to lose - his train has already crashed, and his career is finished.

He is no Ethan Hunt or Jack Reacher. But he is all Alexa has on her side as a perfect storm of dreadful nightmares bare down on her, and her family.
"Come on Alexa, don't give in to them - fight back!"

Some of main characters summed up in a sentence.

Oh, Alexa, my heart really ached for you.
Oh, Katelyn, you are more trouble than a bag of monkeys!
Oh, Gavin, whatever they want next - don't do it!
Oh, Becky, God help and keep you.
Oh, Hazel, brave girl, really good job for a newbie.
Oh, Zoe, phew! - my heart is still pounding.
Oh, Damian, you real man.
Oh, Frank, please forgive them.
Oh, Maldway, you supercilious snob, your card is marked.

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