General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR. The new EU regulations for personal data protection require website subscribers to reconfirm their email subscriptions, meaning users will need to give permission if they would like to continue receive content sent to them.

This blog site does not operate a subscription mailing list, and does not send out newsletters or other material. It is a site solely for readers to find out more about the books written by the author. The content available on this site is information about the author, his books and sample chapter downloads.

Follow by email: Email addresses are not separately collected, or shared or stored by the content provider and no email communications are sent by the content provider to Followers unless contacted by a Follower. Followers might receive a notification from site operator, Blogger, every time a new post is put on the site and if a user does not wish to receive such notifications then they can be stopped at any time by unfollowing this site.

The Contact Form is for direct communications between the author and readers. It is not used to collect email addresses. Contact emails are not shared or stored and are deleted when a communication has ended.

Cookies. The content provider does not collect or use cookies or use them for any purpose. The site operator, Blogger, does collect cookies and does use them to compile traffic statistics on external access to the site. A user may choose to accept or not accept the use of cookies.

Plugins such as Twitter and Goodreads comply with the GDPR policy covered by these providers.

Further information required may be obtained by sending a message via the Contact Form.   

Gordon Bickerstaff
26th May 2018

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