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Tabula Rasa recognised for excellence in writing

Announced on the 1st September 2018 
by Readers' Favorites 
Tabula Rasa took the GOLD medal in the 
Fiction-Thriller-Conspiracy category

Monday, 13 August 2018

Latest 5* Review and Award for 'Tears of Fire'

Latest 5* Review of 'Tears of Fire' 13 August 2018

Dr Traherene’s exclusive and private clinic for terminal ill patients is not quite what it seems. Neither are the two Nurses, Jung and Seng. They may appear compassionate, but they are anything but…
Where to begin…. Gordon Bickerstaff has done it again. Tears of Fire (A Lambeth Group Thriller) begins like any good Bond film. Our heroine, Zoe, is in trouble. Will she live? Will she die? Will someone hurry up and roll the opening credits…! Boy, what a story. Filled with non-stop action. Very human heroes, and deplorable antagonists. And a storyline that was terrifyingly believable. The only way I can describe this series is that it is James Bond meets Mission Impossible.
Zoe is a female version of Ethan Hunt and dear old Gavin, is definitely Benji Dunn. They work so well together in the other books in this series, and they continue to do so in this story.
The plot, what can I say about it? It had me gripped from the opening chapter. So much happens in this book and the short chapters seem to help keep this momentum going. At times I really began to fear for several of the protagonists. Especially when they got onto the Wensley! Talk about tension.
If you are looking for a truly great crime read, then I highly recommend the Lambeth Group Thriller series. These books just get better and better!

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Reviewed by K.J. Simmill for Readers' Favorite

Zoe's own tactics had been used against her with precision execution. Captured, shamed, and manipulated into silence, it seems her only option is to accept death in order to protect those she loves. The people who thought that obviously didn't know her, or her allies, well at all. But her liberation just serves to throw fuel onto an already raging fire. Given the choices that await her, perhaps the hangman's noose would have been preferable. Gavin Shawlens has been recruited to investigate an insurance fraud, but he had not been given all the details. 
Behind a seemingly innocent front, murderers hide in the shadows, seeking revenge, and that revenge is now within their grasp and they will stop anyone who gets in their way, or threatens to expose them. Unfortunately, Gavin's investigation does just that, and he has already made some powerful enemies, but this time he doesn't have Zoe at his side to protect him. 
The clock is ticking before they up their game. Gordon Bickerstaff was born to write this genre. Tears of Fire is the latest instalment in his Lambeth Group thrillers and to date I have read every book in this immersive and tension-filled series, and they just keep getting better and better. They read as stand alone and yet also reward the frequent reader. Twists and turns don't do justice to the complexities of the masterful plot, and it is so involved that revenge, murder, questions, betrayal, and suspense are just the tip of the iceberg. 
Gordon Bickerstaff achieves the perfect balance between a character and an event driven plot. You'll be hooked from the first page to the last, wondering how things will turn out. This is one hell of an involved plot, and a word to the wise as you navigate through the dangerous tale; remember to breathe. A truly masterful and amazing book, written with flair, style, and an intensity that will leave you wanting more. Tears of Fire is, without question, a five star and highly recommended read.
Reviewed by Ruffina Oserio for Readers' Favorite 
Tears of Fire by Gordon Bickerstaff is a well-crafted, tightly plotted terrorist thriller with a lot of potential to entertain readers. They are two orphans turned serial killers. They are rich and they have the means. And now, they are about to up their game — they’ll go after those who killed their parents. Gavin Shawlens, a skilled detective working with the Lambeth Group is getting close to nailing the killers when the two turn their attention to his family. 
Gavin needs his partner, Zoe Tampsin, to stop the orphans before one of the most painful murders is committed. But can the detectives get them before it is too late? Gordon Bickerstaff’s gift for character is exceptional and readers will ponder over the idea of how the orphans became serial killers — is it out of revenge or a perverse nature? The plot is intricately done and the writing is tight and crisp, featuring strong psychological elements that allow readers to understand the minds of psychopaths. 
This is the kind of book that will sit comfortably on the shelf beside James Patterson’s Alex Cross series. This is crime thriller at its best. The author creates awesome characters in Jung and Seng and readers will enjoy the psychological depth of the story. The conflict is deftly handled and I enjoyed the role played by Gavin and Zoe in the narrative. Tears of Fire is a captivating read, balanced and quickly paced. It features intelligently written and focused scenes, and a lot of suspense. This author knows how to woo readers and keep them focused.
 Reviewed by Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers' Favorite 
There’s no telling what will happen when a soldier finds themselves trapped between doing their duty and doing what they believe is right. For Zoe, that moment came when she discovered the horror that the Silsden family was engaged in. But to protect her own family she’s willing to take control of her own destiny, but nothing is ever that simple. 
There is much more involved in the case than even she could have imagined and it’s all going to tie into something strange and unexpected; euthanasia and insurance fraud. Tears of Fire by Gordon Bickerstaff is a story of more than you could imagine. This book is full of adventure at every turn, because you just can’t imagine what’s going to happen next. There are several characters throughout, but you feel like you really know each of them and you know exactly what they all want. 
It draws you even further into the story and makes you want to turn the next page to see just how the battle will rage and who will succeed in the end. Between Zoe, Gavin and Joss, you never know what to expect, but even Traherne, Toby and the twins are characters that you can’t help but feel absorbed by and you find yourself wondering just who is going to win out in the end. And even if the good guys win, is it really going to save everyone? Or is there something a little dark even in the best of intentions in Tears of Fire.

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Tears of Fire

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Latest addition to the Lambeth Group series of crime thrillers

Two serial killers have been getting away with murder for years. For them, it's a well-paid hobby while they bide their time. It's about to stop when everything slots into place for them to leap to the next level. Payback for the people who destroyed their family.

Lambeth Group investigator, Gavin Shawlens, has started on their trail. But all is not as it seems and he is pushed way out of his depth when the killers turn on his family. Gavin's Lambeth Group partner, Zoe Tampsin, is cut off from him and fighting her own battle to stay alive.

They need to connect but Zoe will face an impossible choice. Stop the killers before they pull off the most audacious murder that will shock the world and change it forever. Or, rescue Gavin's family from the jaws of evil.

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Avonna Loves Genres Review

Avonna Loves Genres Review of THE BLACK FOX

RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars

THE BLACK FOX (Lambeth Group Thriller Series #3) by Gordon Bickerstaff is a nonstop thriller that has hairpin plot twists, action-packed scenes that keep you turning the pages and characters that are complex, intense and memorable beyond the pages.

Zoe Tampsin has been ordered to take Dr. Gavin Shawlens into hiding. 

The United States has deemed Gavin a national security threat of the highest order and to send the CIA and Special Forces onto English soil to find and eliminate him if the English will not hand him over.

The British government wants to hand him over, but to also find out what Gavin knows that is worth billions and an international incident. Zoe is a highly decorated and trained British Special Forces captain. She is tasked with keeping Gavin alive and hidden until he can remember what memories are so important to the Americans.                                                  

On the run, Zoe displays why she was code named the “Black Fox” in Bosnia. Friends old and new come to her and Gavin’s aid. The run to the climax is filled with ingenious tricks and strategic brilliance on Zoe’s part that just keep ramping up the suspense to a climax that gave me chills.                                                                                                                                       

Mr. Bickerstaff has demonstrated his ability once again to write a thriller that grabs your attention and imagination. This is a fast paced read that surprised me many times with situational plot twists that I did not see how Zoe and Gavin could survive and a climatic secret that had me stunned.                                                                                                               

Zoe is brilliant, in deeds, action and character. Gavin is also brilliant, but in a very different way which makes the pairing work and these two characters fascinating. This book can be read as a standalone on-the-run thriller, but the depth of the characters is better appreciated by reading at least the previous book, Everything to Lose.The Black Fox needs to be a “Must Read” on your TBR thriller list!