Monday, 16 December 2019

Deadly Secrets

Wow! 'Deadly Secrets' is nearly there on 97 reviews. Just need a couple more to reach the 100. Any help greatly appreciated.

Monday, 14 October 2019

IAN Book Award

The Outstanding Thriller/Suspense Award 
goes to 
The Black Fox: Run for your life... 
by Gordon Bickerstaff

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Gold Medal Award


'The Black Fox' was awarded a Gold medal in the 2019 Readers' Favorite Book Awards in the Thriller/Espionage genre.

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Die Every Day

NEW RELEASE on 7th October 2019

For the rest of your life ...
A woman is murdered in a Glasgow hotel room. Police have everything they need to charge a man caught at the scene. He confessed and is filled with guilt and remorse.
Rumours suggest the man will plead not guilty, and tell his story. If he faces trial, the whole truth will cause international outrage and the government will fall.                           
Faceless mandarins in the corridors of power are determined he will remain silent.
Lambeth Group investigator, Zoe Tampsin, is ordered to make the man plead guilty. What she discovers about the man and his victim will shock her, and put her life in danger.
Who is pulling the strings? What secrets are they hiding?

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Even More Praise for The Black Fox

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite.

The Black Fox is a fast-paced work of thriller fiction penned by author Gordon Bickerstaff, and forms the third book in the Lambeth Group Thrillers Series. 
In this exciting instalment to the series, Zoe Tampsin takes on the task of hiding and guarding the scientist Gavin Shawlens from US agents who are seeking him out in the UK. Zoe, code-named the title’s ‘Black Fox’ for her superb work in Bosnia, weaves her way through a delicate web of secrets and ever impending threats, even with the haphazard academic in tow. 

Gavin is experiencing memory blocks and terrifying nightmares, but he also holds the key to a devastating conspiracy that the USA doesn’t want uncovered. It’s up to Zoe to keep him alive and finally uncover the truth.

For thriller fans, author Gordon Bickerstaff creates a perfect recipe with all the ingredients needed to please his audience. Zoe Tampsin is a special agent with plenty of skills and smarts, stylized beauty, and an easily imagined prowess that makes her come to life like a Hollywood starlet.

There’s a lot of work put into the emotional components of the tale, which add realism to the blockbuster plot and make the reading experience more credible overall. 
The dialogue was well written and clear in its exposition of the mysteries of the plot, and I found that the conspiracies and answers given were very satisfying to the overall journey.

The Black Fox is certainly highly recommended for fans of high-octane action novels and involved, stylish thrillers.

More Readers' Favorite praise for The Black Fox

Reviewed by Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite.

In The Black Fox by Gordon Bickerstaff, scientist Gavin Shawlens has been targeted by the CIA for assassination for holding vital information that could bring the entire country to its knees. MI5 secret service captain Zoe Tampsin has been assigned to keep him alive and takes him underground until he can remember what is so valuable to the US government.

A huge manhunt begins as not only the CIA trawl the UK to find them, but also British special forces who have been promised billions in military upgrades in exchange for Shawlens. 

With few weapons and even her own mentor trying to track them down, Zoe is facing her toughest mission yet and a decision that goes against all her instincts.

But even she doesn't realize how far the intelligence services will go to flush them out. I am not normally a fan of espionage novels but this author's skill in storytelling has certainly changed my mind.

The plot is unique and fast paced with twists and turns throughout. I could not see how Zoe could escape from the dangerous situations, but somehow, she did. 
Every one of the many characters was so realistic, but all with personality flaws which made them all the more believable. The intricate details in the dialogue and narrative showed the author had researched his subject well. The deals that went on behind the closed doors of intelligence agencies were very interesting.

I loved the relationship between Zoe and her brother Michael who knew her character so well; it was clear Zoe only allowed a few people close to her and he was definitely top of the list. Without giving anything away, I thought the scene between Karen and Zoe was a real tear-jerker. 

Zoe and Gavin had a great relationship too. They were complete opposite personalities and their exchanges were quite comical in parts as away from the subject of science, he wasn't the brightest or bravest. The tension and suspense were broken up cleverly with real emotional moments but also humour too.

I highly recommend this novel but be prepared to go on a roller-coaster of never-ending action, thrills and intrigue.