The Lambeth Group Thriller Series

Here I plan to reveal some of the background that underpin the series. 

Who are the Lambeth Group?
The Lambeth Group is a covert organisation formed when a group of twenty-six university vice-chancellors from elite universities met secretly with Home Office mandarins at the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth Road, London. After prolonged discussion, they agreed on the need for a doomwatch strategy to discover and manage research and technology disasters that can happen when top researchers push past the boundaries farther and faster than they should.

Working with CPNI (Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure) a branch of the Security Service, and the Home Office, the Lambeth Group had successfully prevented the most damaging university and private research disasters from becoming public knowledge.

Who is Gavin Shawlens?
Gavin Shawlens is a thirty-six year-old academic. He keeps fit with occasional visits to the university judo club and jogging up the three flights of stairs to his top floor flat. He has a thick mop of hair has a light straw-colour in summer that darkens in winter. A tousled fringe covers his forehead. 

His voice resounds with a strong Scottish accent although his Glasgow dialect had been smoothed out after years of lectures and public speaking. He works in the biochemistry department of the University of Kinmalcolm. He leads a research team in enzyme technology.

He has a secret part-time job. Gavin has gained a great deal of experience over the past six years on a number of major investigations for the Lambeth Group. In fact, Gavin has a UK security clearance of Top Secret Level D, which means he has knowledge of the highest category of official state secrets. He knows where some of the nastiest Government skeletons are buried. He'd been present at the burial of two of them.

Who is Zoe Tampsin?
Captain Zoe Tampsin is an ex-army and Special Forces officer who is seconded to the Lambeth Group to protect academic investigators.

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